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Anal Rapist 09:00:56 03/07/2016  
Yeah, I think the revolving Cols are a ploy to keep KFC in the news -- which is obviously working. I loved how Norm used his couldn't-care-less method acting for his "portrayal". There were flashes of his former brilliance in there.

Toneman Goodwin 12:15:17 03/03/2016  
Me too, AR! I liked that they were getting subversive with Colonel Sanders questioning his identity. I feel like they must be going somewhere with all of these Colonel Sanders. Imagine 10 SNL Alumni later, and we have a Colonel Sanders multiverse where they meet each other? Could be cool!

Anal Rapist 10:37:47 03/02/2016  
Toneman: Those Norm KFC commercials were just starting to grow on me too. I guess this frees up his schedule for the eagerly anticipated Vampire Dog 2.

JohnJacob 10:07:36 02/13/2016  
Kanye west divorces Kim Kardashian because "Caitlyn Jenner has a nicer booty."

Toneman Goodwin 10:26:11 02/07/2016  
Norm is being replaced by Jim Gaffigan to be Colonel Sanders lol

john 07:40:27 01/25/2016  
So, Dirty Work 2 Is Not Going To Happen.

Anal Rapist 08:01:52 01/11/2016  
Artie addresses the Dirty Work 2 rumors:

Vladimir Poutine 12:23:14 12/16/2015  
God I love Norm. And I love how Norm boldly states in interviews that he doesn't partake in sex or drugs anymore, but then I find from the most obscure sources some hilarious stories that contradict that. The man, the mystery.

Vladimir Poutine 12:17:52 12/16/2015  
I get what you said about the downside of being a superfan is knowing all of the punchlines. I seen him 2 or 3 years ago and he never told a single joke I haven't heard him tell before. But yeah, I guess things he said adlibbing were new. Like when he said he ate some Lays Roast Chicken flavored potato chips earlier. This was in Halifax, NS.

MalnourishedGoat 10:00:23 12/15/2015  
Yeah, I was pissed because I was watching bits and pieces but mostly fast forwarding the Ridic 6, looking at the mini ffw screen to see when to stop and watch Norm. I hate to find his name in the credits as "Nugget Customer" and rewind back to watch his 3 seconds. Yee-ha. Damn, if ever there was a part for Norm, it would be as a bad hombre gunslinger.

Vladimir Poutine 06:42:51 12/13/2015  
Norm's memoir, "Based on a True Story" has found a big publisher though, and comes out in the fall. So that's good news.

Vladimir Poutine 06:41:47 12/13/2015  
The Ridiculous Six was pretty funny, but I was let down that Norm was only on screen for about 5 seconds and had one line. Even Chris Kattan had a bigger part.

Toneman Goodwin 01:59:09 12/10/2015  
I saw him earlier this year, and he was solid. About 40% new material I had not heard, and he had this awesome gag where he kept a cigarette behind his ear, and every so often he would reach for it, pop it in his mouth, and then take it out to tell the next joke. Unfortunately, any pay off from the unlit cigarette gag may have been ruined by a drunk mother in her 40s ruining the show. I tweeted him to see what the final payoff to it was going to be, but didn't get a response.

Anal Rapist 12:58:47 12/09/2015  
Mal: I saw him a couple of years ago and was also underwhelmed. His comedic persona is so different these days from the one that made me a fan in the first place.

MalnourishedGoat 09:12:44 11/23/2015  
Norm's stand-up seems stagnant to me. I've seen him three times in about four years and he really seems deeply entrenched in the same set. There's a lot of ad-libbing, but still, the actual performance is not all too hearty. I think part of the problem is being a super-fan. You know every punchline, etc. Still, it would be nice to see him try to work out some new material. Worst part of the most recent show I saw at Caroline's? He had a bunch of scraps of paper that he said were full of jokes he wrote that morning. He never used a single one of them. Maybe insecure/unsure?

Toneman Goodwin 06:51:14 11/09/2015  
Sometimes it has flashes of brilliance, but yep, SNL is shit.

Anal Rapist 12:37:23 11/09/2015  
Watched SNL for the first time in like 15 years this weekend because of Trump and I cannot believe how crappy it is these days! The current Weekend Update guys are freakin terrible. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

Toneman Goodwin 09:06:59 11/06/2015  
I would love to see that career. That shitty high school movie Norm did, that direct to video, had some tongue in cheek drama from him. I loved Joe Dirt as well! Didn't see the sequel

Anal Rapist 07:19:53 11/06/2015  
btw I liked the original Joe Dirt but haven't seen 2 yet. Any good?

Anal Rapist 07:10:45 11/06/2015  
Tone: I base my opinion entirely on those flashes of brilliance. If he had a good manager, I could see him doing late-career Bill Murray-type stuff. Wonder how much longer his KFC contract runs.

Toneman Goodwin 11:24:55 11/05/2015  
That would be fun. I'd love to see a director take Norm in a new kind of direction. I know he loathes acting, and says he isn't good at it, but he has had flashes of brilliance in that area (usually under the guise of a brilliant joke that has a dramatic build up, but still)

Anal Rapist 06:25:41 11/05/2015  
Would love to see a Dirty Work sequel for the hell of it but doubt that will ever happen. Would rather see Norm go off and do some indie stuff and see a different side of him.

Toneman Goodwin 03:35:24 10/27/2015  
So, Sandler has a film on Netflix coming out called The Ridiculous 6, which Norm is apparently in. Couldn't spot him in the trailer, though

john 06:42:19 10/20/2015  
LOL, it's been 16 years since Dirty Work came out. I don't think a sequel would be fitting but I'll watch it if was ever made.


Toneman Goodwin 08:47:35 10/19/2015  
But, Vampire dog was one of my favorites! He teased Dirty Work 2 a few times recently, citing Joe Dirt 2 going on Crackle. Anyone catch that? That could be interesting...