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Abi 10:54:17 09/17/2021  
I just found this website and it is a fantastic project. Thank you ladies and gentlemen!

Thomas 08:33:15 09/14/2021  
RIP Norm :(

b 12:54:15 06/03/2020  


Thomas 06:25:07 07/28/2019  
MAGA 2020

DaLong 02:26:30 02/26/2018  
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Toneman Goodwin 08:36:51 12/10/2017  
Man, what happened to this place?

The_Donald 01:38:42 08/13/2017  
Fake News Prank in Public


Twitch 11:02:02 05/29/2017  
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Anal Rapist 11:55:26 05/08/2017  
Wow, Norm's got a Netflix special coming up: http://www.avclub.com/article/norm-macdonald-tells-single-joke-teaser-his-netfli-254745

Toneman Goodwin 10:18:52 03/16/2017  
So the spambots learned how to type cock or

Toneman Goodwin 12:15:07 03/12/2017  
What the H?!

Anal Rapist 03:03:33 02/05/2017  
Artie's been criticizing Stern publicly for the past few months. I used to be a big Howard fan but stopped caring after he went to Sirius. Would love to hear Norm weigh in on the feud though.

Toneman Goodwin 04:09:57 01/27/2017  
I don't know too much of their relationship, but it seems like it is a shame that Artie's issues with addiction had to drive a wedge in their friendship. It seemed like the friendship was important to both of them earlier on. And I don't even bother listening to Howard Stern anymore. There was a time when he was a fantastic interviewer, and I miss Prime Howard.

Anal Rapist 01:52:59 01/24/2017  
What do you guys make of Artie criticizing Howard Stern these days? I totally agree with his assessment. Howard turned into an Imus/Larry King hybrid but with better listening skills.

Toneman Goodwin 10:21:10 01/14/2017  
She's a real dirty dog!

Evan 04:20:11 01/13/2017  
From what I hear, Norm's wife is a real battleaxe

PikesvilleAL 02:09:58 01/13/2017  
Hey Norm is asking about Steve. Anybody know how to contact Steven Jenkins?

Anal Rapist 11:32:39 12/30/2016  
From what I cobbled together over the years, it seems like it was a long distance thing when he was on SNL and he mighta been banging Elle MacPherson.

Toneman Goodwin 12:38:30 12/29/2016  
I've wondered that too. It is really bizarre, he used to make comments about having a wife back when he was married and yet has not said a single thing since it seems. I also don't recall the memoir mentioning it. Actually, I'm not even sure his son is mentioned in the memoir.

GotMyNeuronsFiring 11:54:58 12/28/2016  
Anyone know why Norm never talks about his marriage? I've listened to Norm talk about every single subject on the planet except for this. Did he completely give up on love/relationships? Did marriage semi-ruin his life? Is there something about that in his memoir?

Toneman Goodwin 03:44:03 12/16/2016  
Thanks! Good shit

Anal Rapist 10:13:59 12/15/2016  
Tone -- https://youtu.be/kOyNYsnOiVA?t=9m23s

Toneman Goodwin 03:50:07 12/15/2016  
Got a link to that? I haven't seen that bit

Anal Rapist 08:53:22 12/14/2016  
The Old Jack story reminded me of that little bit he did on Conan back in the day about "secret gay guys" as well.

Anal Rapist 08:35:30 12/14/2016  
Given the way he set it up (especially with that anecdote about his cat), I have no doubt something happened. Sad!