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Krunchbert 07:43:10 11/02/2023  
Norm is my favorite - Krunchbert

Kojimbek 01:50:11 06/18/2022  
That's a lovely site. Will make sure to visit it whenever I... Just whenever. Thanks for all the effort, Steve!

Anal Rapist 04:57:59 01/12/2022  
How the hell did Artie outlive Norm and Saget?

RIP Norm 11:11:19 11/03/2021  
Goddamn, this is the worst tragedy to happen in September for decades.

Tiff 05:45:24 10/15/2021  
I just wanted to say that you guys have put remarkable effort into crafting this archive of Norm. Thanks so much!

Anal Rapist 10:42:00 10/05/2021  
Couldn't agree more, Ben. Norm had so much more to give as a performer. I always thought he could've went the Bill Murray route and become a "serious" comedy actor, especially when his comedic persona started to shift from semi-autistic to more droll and somber. As someone who's had a close relative die from cancer during the time Norm was possibly diagnosed, it amazes me how he was able to keep such a poker face. I do hope he had a small support system around him, though.

Ben 09:26:57 09/29/2021  
I've been watching all sorts of Norm stuff (Norm, SNL, interviews, Stan Hooper) since his passing. I loved each show he did and never got why lasting success eluded him (Norm was #1 with a Drew Carey lead in, I recall they moved it around and ratings tanked; that shows how stupid execs are. Remember, this was the perfect show to follow Drew Carey. What else would follow it?) Stan Hooper was great, he could have become the next Bob Newhart or Andy Griffith (it was created by the co-creator of Newhart.) I thought he was hinting that he wanted to take over for Conan, but it turns out he didn't really want that and turned down the show that went to Craig Ferguson (who did a great job with it.) I've known something wasn't right with Norm since his appearance as himself on 'Real Rob' about 5 years ago, I thought it was either booze or medication. He said he quit drinking, so I figure it was meds; but some people live 30+ years longer because doctors fill them with prescriptions. I always hoped he'd have something of lasting success, some great comedy; instead of lots of great projects that networks dropped and 2 movies with a starring role that were funny but failed financially so studios wouldn't give him another shot. Lot's of sabotage by Don Ohlmeyer, or so the Germans would have us believe.

Anal Rapist 09:14:35 09/26/2021  
Thanks for bringing this back, Steve. I sensed there was something "off" about Norm these past couple of years, which I noted in my old posts. RIP, Normie!

Abi 10:54:17 09/17/2021  
I just found this website and it is a fantastic project. Thank you ladies and gentlemen!

Thomas 08:33:15 09/14/2021  
RIP Norm :(

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Thomas 06:25:07 07/28/2019  
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Toneman Goodwin 08:36:51 12/10/2017  
Man, what happened to this place?

The_Donald 01:38:42 08/13/2017  
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Anal Rapist 11:55:26 05/08/2017  
Wow, Norm's got a Netflix special coming up: http://www.avclub.com/article/norm-macdonald-tells-single-joke-teaser-his-netfli-254745

Toneman Goodwin 10:18:52 03/16/2017  
So the spambots learned how to type cock or

Toneman Goodwin 12:15:07 03/12/2017  
What the H?!

Anal Rapist 03:03:33 02/05/2017  
Artie's been criticizing Stern publicly for the past few months. I used to be a big Howard fan but stopped caring after he went to Sirius. Would love to hear Norm weigh in on the feud though.

Toneman Goodwin 04:09:57 01/27/2017  
I don't know too much of their relationship, but it seems like it is a shame that Artie's issues with addiction had to drive a wedge in their friendship. It seemed like the friendship was important to both of them earlier on. And I don't even bother listening to Howard Stern anymore. There was a time when he was a fantastic interviewer, and I miss Prime Howard.

Anal Rapist 01:52:59 01/24/2017  
What do you guys make of Artie criticizing Howard Stern these days? I totally agree with his assessment. Howard turned into an Imus/Larry King hybrid but with better listening skills.

Toneman Goodwin 10:21:10 01/14/2017  
She's a real dirty dog!

Evan 04:20:11 01/13/2017  
From what I hear, Norm's wife is a real battleaxe

PikesvilleAL 02:09:58 01/13/2017  
Hey Norm is asking about Steve. Anybody know how to contact Steven Jenkins?