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Toneman Goodwin 12:38:30 12/29/2016  
I've wondered that too. It is really bizarre, he used to make comments about having a wife back when he was married and yet has not said a single thing since it seems. I also don't recall the memoir mentioning it. Actually, I'm not even sure his son is mentioned in the memoir.

GotMyNeuronsFiring 11:54:58 12/28/2016  
Anyone know why Norm never talks about his marriage? I've listened to Norm talk about every single subject on the planet except for this. Did he completely give up on love/relationships? Did marriage semi-ruin his life? Is there something about that in his memoir?

Toneman Goodwin 03:44:03 12/16/2016  
Thanks! Good shit

Anal Rapist 10:13:59 12/15/2016  
Tone --

Toneman Goodwin 03:50:07 12/15/2016  
Got a link to that? I haven't seen that bit

Anal Rapist 08:53:22 12/14/2016  
The Old Jack story reminded me of that little bit he did on Conan back in the day about "secret gay guys" as well.

Anal Rapist 08:35:30 12/14/2016  
Given the way he set it up (especially with that anecdote about his cat), I have no doubt something happened. Sad!

Toneman Goodwin 07:13:59 12/14/2016  
That story about Old Jack got to me... it was completely shocking and unexpected. It was brought up in an interview and he played it off nonchalantly saying, "It's exactly like the book says, I don't remember anything." He wouldn't address whether or not he was molested. It's hard to tell with Norm, sometimes he is outrageous and says off the wall shit, but sometimes it's true. It's an interesting mystery, and sad if true.

Anal Rapist 04:28:08 12/14/2016  
Assuming that story in Norm's book about Old Jack is real, that might explain why he went after Michael Jackson so relentlessly on SNL.

Toneman Goodwin 06:25:54 12/07/2016  
I agree Rolf! Let's all agree to post here often. Honestly, I have to wonder how valuable this domain is. We have to be thankful to the site owner for not selling the domain and making off with the cash-- couldn't blame him!

Rolf Royce 12:58:42 12/04/2016  
A newcomer on the "block". I find the forum quite ready for invasion. Few post made, but the site was like still under development at the 3 of December 2016. But #fakenews is gaining ground and a forum like this is needed. Now folks better start using it. Rolf

Toneman Goodwin 04:01:33 11/28/2016  
A silly scene of course, but goddamn why doesn't he want to act?


JMB 04:52:17 11/07/2016  
Hi. Norm's Book was awesome. I used to love this site.

Toneman Goodwin 09:20:00 10/04/2016  
Norm's book was great. Definitely an abstract, fun take on what a celebrity memoir is, though

Anal Rapist 11:40:12 09/16/2016  
A reason why he mighta been shaky:

Anal Rapist 12:20:18 09/16/2016  
Watching Norm on Fallon. Anyone else notice the twitch in his hands? Hope he's okay.

Some Guy 10:29:41 09/15/2016  
Norm Macdonald Live is back for a third season. First episode can be seen here: Stephen Merchant is the guest.

Toneman Goodwin 05:18:52 08/22/2016  
Great article! Thanks for posting it, and I was excited to see the TBS pilot clips. I wonder if the whole thing leaked.

Some Guy 11:48:31 08/19/2016  
Great piece on Norm in the Washington Post:

Toneman Goodwin 04:08:48 08/14/2016  
Looks like Norm's book must still be on track. Pre-order is up at Amazon and showing to be coming out September 20th. I am stoked for it

Some Guy 10:59:25 06/10/2016  
Norm on Gotham Comedy Live:

Toneman Goodwin 04:45:06 04/17/2016  
Norm hosted the Canadian Screen Awards and did a pretty solid job. Luckily someone on Youtube did a cut of only Norm.


Some Guy 10:47:38 03/19/2016  
Book is coming out Sept. 20, at least according to this:

Anal Rapist 09:14:47 03/18/2016  
Guess he got sidetracked with these recent gigs. Speaking of that, I guess his podcast is dead?

Toneman Goodwin 05:06:19 03/16/2016  
When is Norm's damn book coming out? Thought it was sometime this year, so hopefully soon?